Everything You Need To Run Your Own Design Thinking Workshop


Script, Presentation, Scenario, Tools, And Many More Necessary Materials

Take a moment to think ... and read all of the following questions:

Is it true that...

  • you see the value of design thinking in your work, project or business?
  • you're determined to run your own design thinking workshop?
  • you simply don't know how to conduct workshops effectively?
  • you don't have a lot of experience, which makes you worried and stressed?
  • you're afraid that the workshop will fail because you don't know its structure?
  • you're overwhelmed with the number of available materials and tools and don't know what's important?
  • you have no idea for a workshop and don't know where to start?
  • you seek for effective methods and tools to create real innovations and stimulate the creativity of your team?
  • you want to improve your skills as a trainer or a lecturer?

If you answered YES to at least one of the above questions,

Design Thinking Starter Kit is for YOU!

What is it?

βœ…It is a full set of all the necessary materials to run your own design thinking workshop.

πŸ‘All you need to do is know the basics of design thinking or you have taken part in the workshops as a participant.

πŸ”₯With Design Thinking Starter Kit, your own successful workshop requires only taking the action.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’ΌThe set was developed by an experienced moderator and trainer of design thinking moderators

πŸ’ͺDesign Thinking Starter Kit is a complete guide that will give you confidence and guide you step-by-step through the preparing and conducting your own design thinking workshops for any team and challenge.

Key Benefits

Step-By-Step Guide

Step-by-step you'll prepare your own design thinking workshop for any challenge.

Secret Perspective

You'll learn the perspective of an experienced moderator. It'll give you awareness of many things that are important to succeed.

Everything Under Control

You'll learn the role and jobs of an effective moderator. You won't forget about any element during the workshop.

All Necessary Materials

You'll receive a complete and detailed workshop script (106 pages), scenario, presentation and many other materials that improve your workshops.

Start From A Higher Level

You'll avoid common mistakes and get advice from a moderator with 8 years of experience. Participants won't recognize that you've just started your career as a moderator.

Great Satisfaction

You'll feel satisfaction and courage for the next workshops. Everyone will thank you and ask for the next session.

Positive Feedback

You'll receive positive feedback after the workshop.

Learning By Doing

You'll learn design thinking and other moderator's skills in practise. Save money and time.

Groundbreaking Innovations

You'll generate innovative solutions to specific challenges in your work, project or business.

πŸ’Έ Earn money!

You can also use the Design Thinking Starter Kit for commercial purposes without permission.

Conduct paid design thinking workshops for business or individual clients. The investment will pay off many times.

Take a look inside

What is included in The Design Thinking Starter Kit?

Complete & Detailed Workshop Script

A script describing the minute by minute and slide by slide what the moderator says, does and prepares. There is the full text and content of the presentation, instructions for each exercise for workshop participants. Moreover, the script contains valuable advice and links to additional materials. You know what to do at every moment of the workshop.

PDF file | 106 pages

4-Hour Workshop Scenario

A minute by minute scenario of the design thinking workshop with assigned slides and valuable comments. The scenario will help you keep the workshop structure. This timetable will be like a compass that will allow you to conduct workshops as planned.

PDF & EXCEL file

Editable Workshop Presentation

A professional, aesthetic and fully editable workshop presentation that will attract the attention of participants and show your professionalism. You can adjust it to your needs, add, delete or change any slide.

PDF and PPTX file | 58 slides

Guide: Defining Workshop Goal

A set of several exercises that will help you define the goal of the workshop. Additionally, you will formulate this goal in a way that inspires others and stimulates creativity. It'll ultimately affect the commitment and motivation of the participants. People will ask you if there is still a possibility to take a part in the workshop.

PDF file | 1 page

Templates To Print

Necessary templates and boards for the workshops in the appropriate formats: Persona, How might we ...?, Feedback Card and Summary Board. In addition, each file is described with precise printing parameters. After downloading, you can immediately send it to the printing house.

PDF files | 4 templates

Lists of Workshop & Prototyping Materials

Don't waste your time wondering what materials you have to prepare for the workshop. You'll receive a complete list of workshops and prototyping materials with the precise quantity. In addition, you'll learn the sources of materials that are not available in stores.

PDF file, 7 pages

Workshop Space Guidelines

The place has great importance for the effectiveness of the workshops. Thanks to this guide you'll learn how to choose the right space for your workshop and how to set it up. This will ensure comfort of work for you and the participants.

PDF file | 4 pages

Warm-ups & Icebreakers

Links to bases full of ideas for creative warm-ups and ice-breakers that will stimulate participants' creativity and create an open atmosphere.

PDF file | 7 pages

Workshop Music

Another element that will introduce a special atmosphere and help participants work efficiently at all stages of the workshop process. Music playlists dedicated to the design thinking workshops in the Spotify, which help you make participants focused or stimulate their creativity, e.g. when generating ideas.

PDF file | 3 pages

Mobile & Web Apps

How to make your work easier and save time? Get a list of helpful mobile and web applications that will allow you to easily document the effects of design thinking workshops or have a control on workshop time.

PDF file | 4 pages

Useful Checklist

List of to-dos and necessary materials to prepare before and after the workshop. You don't have to worry about forgetting something. The checklist guides you step by step from zero to running your own design thinking workshop.

PDF file | 3 pages

Beautiful Font

Downloadable font pack to make your presentation and all visuals look beautiful. The package also includes detailed installation instructions for MS Windows and MacOS.

PDF file | 5 pages

🎁 Extra Bonus

Guide: How To Conduct Remote Design Thinking Workshop?

The Design Thinking Starter Kit includes a complete and intuitive instruction on how to prepare and conduct remote workshops

You will learn how to conduct all design thinking stages online, including prototyping. 

You will get access to ready-made workshop templates developed for the two most popular platforms for remote teamwork: Mural and Miro

Thanks to the instructions and templates, you will be able to conduct workshops in any form. You are independent of external circumstances.

PDF file | 19 pages

What Customers Say?

πŸ‘‹ For Who?

Design Thinking Starter Kit is for:

  • Beginner moderators who want to run their first workshop.
  • Business trainers who want to expand the scope of their offer.
  • Team leaders, entrepreneurs who want to generate innovative solutions in their projects.
  • People who want to develop their careers by acquiring design thinking competencies.
  • Lecturers, teachers and people from the education industry who want to transfer innovative competencies to their students.
  • Experienced moderators looking for new tools and inspiration.
  • For people who need to move their workshops from offline to online.

No Risk

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If the product does not meet your expectations, you have 14 days for a full refund. You're not risking anything.

Buy Now And Conduct Your Own Design Thinking Workshop


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Design Thinking Starter Kit

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βœ… You'll find inside:

  • Complete & Detailed Workshop Script | PDF file, 106 pages
  • 4-Hour Workshop Scenario | PDF & EXCEL file
  • Editable Workshop Presentation | PDF & PPTX file
  • Guide: Defining Workshop Goal | PDF file, 1 page
  • Templates To Print | PDF files, 4 templates
  • Lists of Workshop & Prototyping Materials | PDF file, 7 pages
  • Workshop Space Guidelines | PDF file, 4 pages
  • Warm-ups & Icebreakers | PDF file, 7 pages
  • Workshop Music | PDF file, 3 pages
  • Mobile & Web Apps | PDF file, 4 pages
  • Useful Checklist | PDF file, 3 pages
  • Beautiful Font | PDF file, 5 pages
  • 🎁 Extra Bonus: Remote Workshop Guide & Templates in Mural & Miro | PDF file, 19 pages


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